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ESNC Update 2015!

East Sunbury Netball Club currently have 3 teams playing on a Thursday night down at Boardman in 2 diferent grades. There is a B4 team and 2 B3 Teams. People are probably wondering how the three East Sunbury Netball Teams are going. East Sunbury 1 which is the first B3 team is currently sitting 3rd on the ladder. East Sunbury 2 which is the second B3 team is currently 4th on the ladder. East Sunbury 3 which is the one and only B4 team they are currently sitting 5th on the ladder for their grade. This ladder has not been updated lately but once it has been updated we will be sure to keep everyone posted. This weeks game will be a big one 9:20pm and the two B3 East Sunbury teams will be versing each other.

More information to be posted!!


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