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East Sunbury Netball

East Sunbury Netball has enjoyed great success in their short time being affiliated with the East Sunbury Sporting Group and has seen them grow each year. The East Sunbury Sporting Group could not be more proud of the way the girls have conducted themselves and the energy and support they bring to the Group.

With all club comes evolution and the Netball has seen a change at the helm with Pauline Trice the new Netball President, Pauline has a lot of experience and a great fit to take the Netball club to the next level. The support of her committee I can only see the Netball club improving. To Tracey Wylie and past committee members thank you for all your efforts and support in starting up the Netball and getting this club off the ground.

Please keep in mind the Netball function coming up on the 4th of July at the club rooms, last function was a great night so let’s all get involved and show our support to the Netball Club. For more imformation please contacted Pauline

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