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Doug Hawkins lends a hand to Thunder

Doug Hawkins AFL hall of famer will be lending a hand to the Thunder, after his performance at the East Sunbury Last Man standing event he feels East Sunbury has a great vibe around it and with current coach Steve Grey he feels the club is heading the right direction.

The key is time and to build a good foundation you need to give it time to set, He feel with some support and guidance East Sunbury could be a power house in years to come. Doug will be at training on Thursday the 25th of June from 6:00pm to help, guide and teach East Sunbury footballers. For someone with the experience of Doug to offer his time and support shows we are moving in the right direction.

If you’re not doing anything please come down and support our seniors on training nights and see Doug Hawkins interact with the youth of our fast growing club

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