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Welcome To The East Sunbury Cricket Club


East Sunbury Cricket Club was formed in 2009 and is part of a growing Sporting Group.


In 2022/23 we will field Senior Teams and Junior Teams.


It's going to be a big year for the East Sunbury Cricket Club. Be sure to register via the below link. Don't miss out this season!


Be sure to like our facebook page and link up to TeamApp for all the latest news and information about East Sunbury Cricket Club!

Cricket Committee & Contacts


Mark Wilkins

0417 389 233

2022 2023 Cricket Registrations copy.png


Mark Wilkins

0417 389 233

Vice President

Chris Watson

0417 360 032

Child Safety Officer

John Boorsma

0438 798 696


Mick Crump

0466 974 053


Sarah Johnston

0409 139 215

General Committee

Alec Boorsma - Evan Wilkins - 

SueAllen -  Mark Hourigan

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