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East Sunbury Football Club Welcomes SCAR !!!!!

East Sunbury Football Club

East Sunbury Football clubs welcomes SCAR to our football club. Scar’s boxing history started when he was 16 as a young, strong man. He won many bouts as an amateur fighter to becoming the well-known National Golden Gloves Champion in Nigeria. Then He became a professional boxer two decades ago which was a great success. After moving to Australia he kept up his interest in boxing and overall physical fitness. During 2008 he was a Gladiator in the popular TV program of the same name and enjoyed the hard, challenging training.

He has a keen interest in keeping the body fit and operating at its maximum potential. This mentality is what leads him to becoming the well-known SCAR in Gladiators with brutal strength and fighting abilities. We welcome Scar and thank him for being part of our preseason.

You can check out all the phot's from night one with Scar at the football page of the website

Training is in full flight now and will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 6:00pm at the Goonawarra Reserve. Any questions please feel free to call

Head Coach Steve Grey 0409 441 578

If you require more information regarding Scar's training please go to his website below

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